366 Degrees Multiple Domain Feature Overview

Add, customize, and manage as many domains for different brands across your business as you wish.

The 366 Degrees Multiple Domain Feature allows platform users to add separate email domains for different brands within a single platform. Thanks to the following feature, businesses that own several brands or products can manage subscriptions, email and drip campaigns for each domain separately.

Profile Customization

As soon as you create and customize the new domain for 366 Degrees, go to Portal Admin > Company Profile to add any specific information to the domain profile. Customize your profile by adding a personalized logo, address, contact person and any other important data to make it easier to manage several domains within a single dashboard.

Campaign Management

Go to the Quick Campaign section to schedule a new or customize one of the existing marketing campaigns specifically for each domain. Pick the sender from the Sender Domain list to associate the campaign with one of your brands.


Manage subscriptions for each domain separately. Go to Portal Admin > Email Administrations > Subscriptions, click on the Add Subscription button, and pick one of the domains in the list.


The multiple domain feature will also work perfectly across all 366 Degrees integrations with the Salesforce and Nimble CRM platforms. All you need to do is to log into your Salesforce or Nimble account and manage your drip campaigns for separate domains.

Salesforce CRM View

Nimble CRM View

366 Degrees Chrome Extension

The feature also works with the 366 Degrees extension for the Google Chrome browser and replicates the same functionality as we offer within the 366 Degrees platform. Download Here

Whether you own different brands or reselling various products, the 366 Degrees multiple domain feature allows you to choose from what company or name you would like to communicate with your potential partners and customers.

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