Transport Station, LLC is an independent insurance agency that focuses on the transportation industry. They operate in 15 states across the southeast. With decades of experience in the insurance industry, they know the ins-and-outs of protecting their clients’ business, assets, and way of life.

“The world didn’t need another insurance agent or agency,” founder Tom Loftus says,  “That’s why our focus is on helping business owners succeed; a need we did see in the market.  Small business is the cornerstone of the US economy and yet it is a daily struggle for most businesses to get started and remain viable.  So, we promised ourselves when we started that our goal would always be to help our clients succeed.  I think that focus sets us apart, not because other agencies want them to fail, but because we think about their success on a daily basis.”

Likewise, we at 366 Degrees pride ourselves on supporting small business, with client-focused support and solutions being the cornerstone of our operation. When we moved offices this past year, we met the Transport Station crew at the coffee machine and immediately clicked with the staff. They told us of their pain points with Hubspot, and the amount of time spent email campaigning. Their old solution was becoming expensive, as was the time spent on execution. 

Once the team saw the simple yet robust CRM capabilities of Nimble, they were all in. We helped them integrate our own 366 Degrees marketing automation suite, and the results they saw were profound. Previously, the team spent hours a week emailing prospects ad hoc. Now, mass campaigning takes the team literally minutes, with more time devoted to selling and supporting clients, and less time sending emails.

“By devoting less time to redundant tasks we can focus more time on sales.  Immediately after implementing the above change we’ve had our best month in sales since the inception of our business!” said Loftus.

366 Degrees is proud to support small business, and is proud to partner with like-minded companies who do the same. We look forward to a continued relationship with our friends at Transport Station. Navigating the marketing world can be a long strange trip, but CRM keeps your team truckin’ on.

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