You can navigate to the Engagement Score points module by finding it in the left navigation bar all the way down at the bottom.

How it Works

Your engagement points module will have a default score and score expatriation already configured for you by default.  The way engagement scoring works in 366 Degrees is as follows. Engagement events are defined in the system and have two components. The first component is the points that are awarded to the contact based on the  engagement activity. The second component is the expiration count that is applied to the awarded points (there are some quick pick values, never expire and custom).

In the above example it shows that if a potential lead were to fill out a landing page that had an action to subscribe them to a subscription they would then be scored with 85 points. If you then sent them an email which they opened and also clicked a link within they would score 100. Given how you plan to use 366 Degrees to engage your contacts you can adjust the point values and expiration accordingly.

NOTE: New Lead scoring is only applied to leads submitted via landing pages or brought over from an external data source like Nimble or Salesforce. Leads manually added or imported will not have the new lead score applied.

Where to See It

Points will begin to accumulate on your contacts record in 366 Degrees. You will be able to see these points in the Lead Profile listing in Profile Management section and also directly on the leads profile screen. It will be labeled as Engagement Score and be shown in a circle. The score will be colored red or green depending on what the last change in score was and there will also be an arrow next to the score indicating the score moved up or down recently.

In either of these views if you click on the score a window will pop up and list all of the leads engagement that resulted in the score.

Track Engagement in the CRM

You will be able to see your 366 Degrees engagement scores on our external facing activity stream that is available and embedded in platforms like Nimble, Salesforce and our own 366 Degrees Anywhere Chrome extension.

Advanced Engagement Scoring

You have the ability to control and customize engagement scoring at the individual asset level. This feature is available on standard campaigns and on drips. You are able to configure a custom score, custom expiration or deactivate all together.

An example for doing this is that you might want to weight engagement with a particular email higher or lower or expiring sooner or later than the default. Let's say you created a 5 step drip campaign and you wanted to give everyone that opened the 5th email a higher score so they could be identified easier. You would use the score editor for that email right in the workflow configuration screen.

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