366 Degrees Anywhere works where you Work!  Now you can leverage the power of 366 Degrees across platforms with our Google Chrome Plugin. You can visit the Google Play Store to down load the app. Simply Sign-in using your 366 Degrees login credentials and you're ready to engage. 

How it Works

366 Degrees Anywhere works as a browser extension in Google Chrome. You can engage 366 Degrees by highlighting and email in any application Gmail, Outlook, CRM or any other platform you use in your daily activities. Click on the 366 Degrees extension and it will allow you to add a new contact or lead directly to 366 Degrees, update an existing record already in 366 Degrees or add the contact to an existing 366 Degrees open drip campaign for sales outreach or marketing campaigns.

Why Use It

The average person uses four (4) different applications a day to manage customers! The bulk of daily activities are done in the email Inbox using Gmail, Outlook and other email clients. Sales and Customer facing personnel spend most of the day going back in forth between applications with little visibility to engagement of key communications with clients and leads. 

366 Degrees Anywhere brings visibility of content and context to marketing and sales outreach engagement that is usually spread across multiple systems like the CRM, marketing and other supporting client databases. Now you can highlight an email in your inbox to see what communications your lead or customers are engaging with. Did they open a recent marketing communication, engage in a newsletter, watch a video or fill out a lead form? Now You Know! 

When to Use 

366 Degrees Anywhere is designed to help you maximize your time for repeat communications that include lead generation, sales outreach, new customer on-boarding, product education or even video promotional campaigns. Any use case where you want to automate pre-defined campaigns to help engage with the right prospects. You can remove contacts from a drip campaign at any time by clicking on the drop button in the 366 Degrees chrome extension. 

What You See

366 Degrees Anywhere is all about engagement. You can view email opens, clicks, landing page sign ups, video watches along with snippets of the actual communication engaged with. Now you can have meaningful conversations in your follow up with leads or clients based on real behavioral queues! 

Welcome to 366 Degrees Anywhere - Watch the Video

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