Only Big Brands - Until Now!

Video has proven to drive better engagement across digital channels for years! However, most Business to Business (B2B) video success has been monopolized by the big brands who have the ability to leverage sophisticated media distribution channels that amplify their videos. 

Video for Small Business- Is Here!

Emerging Small to Mid-Size organizations have not had the resources nor technical experience to leverage video across broader digital channels. Now this is no longer true with our 366 Degrees integration to GoVideo. Vidyard and 366 Degrees have collaborated to offer personalized communications and video distribution to the Small to Mid-Size organization to drive better engagement across email, social, landing pages and campaigning right from 366 Degrees. Video for small business marketing, sales and engagement Is Now!

How it Works-The Basics!

Vidyard GoVideo works in a chrome extension to allow you to record video and add via your camera, screen capture or uploaded videos. The standard offering works in Gmail, Outlook and other popular office applications.

To learn more about GoVideo  Click Here

GoVideo for 366 Degrees- So Simple!

GoVideo for 366 Degrees works within our template editor, email editor, social posting, landing pages and drip campaigning function via two (2) video insert options; First on the tool bar you can insert video manually across any communication asset, second you can use the 366 Degrees GoVideo pre-designed snippets to drop and drag in to your design.

The 366 Degrees Content Editor- How to Insert GoVideo's

Connect- Vidyard GoVideo to 366 Degrees

If you're already using GoVideo, when you click to add a video to a 366 Degrees template, email, social post or landing page, a pop-up screen will ask you to sign into your account and you're ready to go!

If you do not have a GoVideo account, you will need to sign up and connect your email account. Setting up an account is "FREE". You will also be able to use GoVideo on the email account you choose outside the 366 Degrees Platform via the standard chrome extension. The below pop-up will be presented for you to authorize 366 Degrees for access to your GoVideo account.

Summary- Vidyard GoVideo and 366 Degrees

Video is a strong medium that all businesses can and should leverage to humanize sales, marketing and customer related engagements. Vidyard GoVideo provides the platform to record, create, host, and personalize video anywhere, 366 Degrees is the engagement platform to help Small Business deliver and execute video across sales outreach, marketing campaigns and broader brand amplification initiatives.

Get Started- Send a Video Today!

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