Context- Business Objective

The marketing team required fast and easy access to the essential sales data that could be found in Salesforce platform. This would allow accelerating the process of leads and contact management as well as utilizing a more rapid automated method towards running and executing campaigns. In turn, the company would be able to utilize Marketing Automation within Salesforce CRM in order to advance several essential business processes.

Solution- Align Salesforce Lead,Contact and Campaign Data with 366 Degrees

The Customer implemented 366 Degrees for Salesforce on the AppExchange. 366 Degrees allows near absolute transparency of CRM data to both sales and marketing departments. In addition to that, 366 Degrees allows automating core marketing processes, resulting in significant time and cost reduction. Through tight integration with Salesforce Leads, Contact and Campaign Objects, the customer can easily segment any data in Salesforce for lead nuturing, win-back campaigns and other customer life-cycle communications. 

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Results- Shortened Sales Cycles with Better Campaign Visibility

With integration between 366 Degrees and Salesforce platform, Our Client has attained additional capabilities to seamlessly connect essential marketing processes to the core sales data within the CRM. With marketing and sales visibility gained for lead, nurture and re-engagement campaigns, the company managed to attract more businesses and shorten sales cycles.

Feedback- Customer Quote

Lee Nagel, Vice President Marketing

“We found a Marketing Automation and Customer Engagement Platform that works seamlessly with! 366 Degrees provides marketing insights a Business Intelligence company would expect!”

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