About- Native Custom Stone

Native Custom Stone is a Georgia-based company, specializing in the manufacturing of architectural-grade stone veneer.

The business prides itself on the high-quality and long-lasting lifetime of its products. The realistic appearance and great variety of the stone veneer make Native Custom Stone a go-to choice in the field of architecture and construction.

The company distributes its wide selection of goods through independents and large national distributors such as Home Depot and other DIY Home Improvement Suppliers.

Context- Business Objective

The client was in great need of an efficient solution that can facilitate the supply chain management. The new system needed to incorporate both CRM capabilities, sales outreach engagement platform  and marketing automation functionality in order to simplify communications across product lines and brands via a unified IT infrastructure.

The required CRM features included a seamless connection with Google for Work, mobile accessibility, sales outreach tools and intuitive interface as well as flexible third-party integration support.

Solution- Nimble CRM Combined with 366 Degrees

In order to provide both flexibility and scalability across the Native Custom Stone customer and supplier network, 366 Degrees suggested a Nimble CRM-based solution. The system already supports features like synchronization with Google services, accounting and built-in third-party integration capabilities, making it a perfect fit for company’s requirements. Once the Nimble CRM was setup and tagged categories were managed, 366 Degrees was leveraged to combine marketing and sales outreach automation for Native's campaigns.

Results- Sales and Marketing Alignment across Product Categories

With Nimble CRM in place, the client was able to gain full visibility of customer and supplier records, and combined with integrated 366 Degrees platform, Native Custom Stone was able to streamline all sales campaigns and brand communications. The combined solution provided necessary functionality to successfully manage all of the customers, distributors, architects and other relationships from a single interface.

With new operational flexibility and enhanced functionality Native Custom Stone has eliminated unproductive manual data entry across the sales pipeline as well increase selling time through quicker enrichment of contact records and shorten the time of research. With these improvements, the company was able to streamline and scale its business growth initiatives through an efficient outreach sales software.

Native Custom Stone

Billy Bennett, President / Owner

Feedback- Customer Quote

“366 Degrees has impacted our business across key areas associated with the way Native manages customers, opportunities, marketing communications, but most importantly the technology solutions they implemented have improved company visibility and effectiveness from lead to order to fulfillment of our product lines.

Their team evaluated our needs and provided a spot on fit both with Nimble CRM and 366 Degrees which work perfectly together. Our Return on Investment was less than 30 days.

366 Degrees orchestrated a very flexible solution that allows us to scale our growth efforts confidently.”

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