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Nimble’s pioneering social sales and marketing CRM helps teams and professionals turn relationships into revenue, without the time-intensive busy work. Every day, people use Nimble to successfully nurture their business relationships across email, social networks, and more than 130 cloud-based business applications.

Nimble’s simple, smart CRM for Office 365 and G Suite has been named best CRM in Market Leadership, Ease of Use and Satisfaction by many experts including: 2017 CRM Watchlist Winner for three consecutive years, CRM Market Leader for Small Businesses by G2 Crowd in Fall 2018 for the sixth consecutive year, #1 Sales Intelligence Tool for Customer Satisfaction by G2 Crowd for the sixth consecutive time, and #1 Small Business Sales and Marketing CRM by Fit Small Business.

Nimble combines the strengths of traditional CRM, classic contact management, social media, sales intelligence, and marketing automation into one powerful relationship management platform that delivers valuable relationship insights everywhere you work. Try Nimble’s 14 day free trial today, or learn more at Nimble.com.

Context- Business Objective

Nimble had the need for a marketing automation solution to handle broadcast emails and automated drip email campaigns.  The ideal solution would leverage Nimble segments and tags as the source lists for campaign members, without requiring contact record synchronization.  Additionally, Nimble needed a way to track and visualize partner engagement across the on-boarding process concerning program communications via email send/open, link tracking and lead capture history in Nimble on the contact record.  An additional requirement had to do with the functionality to add a contact to a drip campaign sequence directly from the Nimble contact record, and then to see the send & open history in the native interface as well.

Nimble is an outstanding CRM and provides a very powerful and unique Group Messaging feature that puts the power to send group messages in the hands of the user, without requiring any marketing or IT support.  However, it was not intended to orchestrate broadcast email campaigns to large groups and manage marketing content assets required for other cross-channel communications. That’s where a specialized marketing automation platform complemented Nimble's personal one to one relationship capabilities.  366 Degrees made the investment to integrate its marketing automation solution with Nimble on many different levels, extending the benefit of Nimble and creating an end-to-end solution for many different use cases and applications.  While other marketing automation solutions work very well with Nimble, it is highly beneficial to not have to move or sync records via manual or other third-party apps.

Solution- Open Drip Campaigns

366 Degrees is a relationship marketing and sales outreach platform specifically designed to help emerging enterprises market and sell across digital channels. Primary channels include email, landing pages, social and video. Secondary channels include personalized direct mail and utilization of personal gifts in the sales and customer life-cycle.

366 Degrees, through its robust Application Interface (API), built a standard integration for Nimble via its own marketplace to allow Nimble and Nimble CRM customers to seamlessly connect Nimble CRM to 366 Degrees. The service makes all Nimble contact and lead data available for segmentation and targeting at the time of campaign execution. Nimble is now able to use standard tagging, saved searches and other Nimble information available to target and automate partner communications.

Nimble via 366 Degrees Open Campaign functionality can create content related to the partner communications in the 366 Content editor and build workflows and sequences to automate delivery of multiple step communications based on behavioral triggers, actions or dates. Once set, 366 Degrees Open Drip campaigns are made available on Nimble contact record where Partner Managers can simply click a button to add or drop new Partners into drip campaigns, speeding the process and automating campaigns based on partner status.

366 Degrees allows Nimble Content and Brand managers to easily create email templates, social posts, landing pages and video messages. Then, assets are made available for one-off campaigns or drip cadences to be used by the Nimble Partner and Sales team via Nimble direct.

Results- Streamlined Partner On-Boarding

After implementing 366 Degrees, Nimble was able to significantly speed up and simplify the Partner On-boarding process by automating sequences of communications via the 366 Degrees Open Drip Campaign functionality.

The Nimble Partner team can now execute partner communication sequences directly from the Nimble contact record. All engagement and interactions are live on the contact record providing visibility to the Nimble Partner team to measure the effectiveness of the partner on-boarding process.

Nimble Marketing and Brand Managers can leverage 366 Degrees Content Builder to design and implement workflows to be used by the Nimble Partner Team as needed based on the Partner life cycle directly from Nimble.

Nimble CRM

Kevin Turner, Head of Strategic Partner Development

Feedback- Customer Quote

“Nimble gained efficiencies from 366 Degrees because it expanded the types of strategies we could execute right from our Nimble database. Our partner community has grown dramatically, and 366 Degrees gives us the ability to execute larger campaigns and leverage automation across our diverse and Global community. We plan on taking advantage of 366 Degrees’ other content mediums like landing pages, social posting and video management to enhance the partner experience.”

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