Navigating Employees, Contributors, Customers and Leads

366 Degrees profiles quickly help you categorize, create, manage and identify Employees, Contributors, Customers and Leads 

366 Degrees is an engagement platform that can be leveraged across many business use cases including marketing, sales and customer life-cycle communications. Some clients use 366 Degrees as a contact and lead platform, others as an addition to their CRM platform, and some solely as a marketing or sales enablement platform.

The true power of 366 Degrees is in the way you engage, enrich and share profile information across platforms. Customer and lead profiles can be dynamically driven in campaigns from the CRM, third party connections or managed stand alone in 366 Degrees.

Employee and contributor profiles are managed internally via file upload or manual entry. All profile types provide industry standard fields, engagement activity, tags, notes and subscription status.

Internal Users of 366 Degrees
366 Degrees encourages you to add company employees that require access to create, manage or report on campaign, social, email or other brand communications. You will need to define the Employee Role at time of adding new user.

Note: To add employees, Click on Portal Admin, Click Profile Management and select Employee Profiles, Add Employee Manually or for multiple Employees use Import feature in the top right. 

External Agency Users of 366 Degrees
366 Degrees allows you to collaborate with third-parties or Agencies to work on your behalf for Marketing Assets, Emails, Social Posts, Landing Pages or Campaign deliverables in your instance. A Contributor profile is typically assigned as a Marketing (External) role and can be invited to individual marketing assets,campaigns or broader marketing activities. You may add contributors in the Contributor Profile area or create and assign them at the campaign level manually.

Note: To add contributors Click on Portal Admin, Click Profile Management and select Contributor Profiles, Add Contributor Manually or for multiple Contributors use Import feature top right. 

Profiles for Customers Managed from 366
366 Degrees allows you to upload/import customers to communicate marketing and life-cycle communications that are separate from new lead generation and new sales outreach activities.

Note: If you are connecting 366 Degrees via our App Marketplace to your CRM ie Salesforce, Nimble or Other, it is not necessary to import existing customers to 366 Degrees. 366 Degrees will automatically pull/post campaign activity directly to/from the customer contact record in the CRM.  
To add customers Click on Portal Admin, Click Profile Management and select Customer Profiles, Add Customer Manually or for multiple Customers use Import feature top right. 

Profiles for Leads Managed from 366
366 Degrees Lead profiles can be generated from adding a lead manually, via a landing page, file/list uploads, 366 API or pulled directly from your connected CRM such as Nimble, Salesforce or other at the time of campaign scheduling.

Note: Leads are identified by source on the lead record.  366 Degrees' deep integration with Nimble and Salesforce provides additional profile enrichment from the CRM to auto populate lead records in 366 Degrees and provide live activity and engagement context directly back to the CRM (Source) Lead record. To add leads Click on Portal Admin, Click Profile Management and select Lead Profiles, Add Lead Manually or for multiple Leads use Import feature top right. 

Universal Search or By Profile Type
366 Degrees offers a general people search. The people search by default will search across all Profiles including Employees Contributors, Customers and Leads. You can search by Name or Email.

To search within a particular Profile group you can un-group profiles and search only within the tagged profile group to search for specific leads,contacts, employees or contributors. 

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