In order to Add Nimble CRM to the 366 Degrees Marketplace from your Microsoft Office 365 Account. You must first ensure you have a Nimble Password set up in your Nimble CRM.

Below are the steps to take before you can install Nimble CRM to your 366 Degrees Account.

(Note: These steps are only for Microsoft Office 365 accounts utilizing Microsoft authentication to access Nimble CRM)

Step 1:  Sign in to your Nimble Account via your Microsoft Account.

Step 2:  To Create a Nimble Password - Click on Account Name then Account Settings.

(Note: Best Practice "Make your Nimble Password the same as Microsoft Password")

Step 3:  Sign In to your Microsoft Office 365 Account
(Note: If your Nimble Password is same as Microsoft account login as normal, if different you will be provided choice of accounts to login to Nimble.)

Step 4: Provide Password 

Step 5: Login to 366 Degrees- Go to Manage Apps, Click on Install Nimble App and Provide Nimble/Microsoft Account Name and newly created Nimble Password. Your
Nimble CRM/Microsoft Office 365 Account will now be connected to 366 Degrees.

(Note: Once you are connected you will be prompted to complete the 366 Degrees Activity Stream install to Nimble CRM.)

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