Simply put, a drip campaign is a series of marketing activities that are automated to occur based off predefined triggers. This trigger can be a length of time, an open, or an interaction with your content. An effective drip campaign follows up effectively on those leads who are interested, nurtures those with some interest, and funnels out leads that opt-out or do not interact with your content.

  1. To start, click on the “Launch a Campaign” button on the homepage.

  2. From there, click the button in the top right that reads “Create New Campaign.”

  3. Enter the details for your campaign, and pick a start and end date for your campaign. Select either “Drip Campaign-Standard” for a normal sequential campaign or “Drip Campaign-Open” for an ongoing campaign that allows you to add contacts into at any point.

  4. Create the campaign. You will be returned to the campaigns page. From there, click the ☰ button and navigate to “Associate Assets.”

  5. Select which assets you would like associated with your campaign. You can include social posts, emails, and landing pages. Hit next.

  6. Begin to build out your campaign by dragging in your first asset. Set the date for the first communication to go out, or select “Days” from the dropdown and type “0” for an immediate campaign start.

  7. Drag in your next asset and draw a connection between the points on between the two. From there, you can set the trigger that will send out the second asset. This can be a period of time, an open, an ignore, or a click within your email.

  8. Continue to build out your campaign by dragging in additional assets and creating a workflow with triggers for each event.

  9. When completed, you can save your work, select an audience and schedule your campaign.

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