Building a landing page is similar in practice to creating an email. Landing pages allow you to create valuable data-collection pages for your leads to hit.

  1. From the home page, click the button entitled "Create A Landing Page"

  2. Enter a title & description for your Landing Page. This is strictly internal and will not be seen by visitors. Select what you want your landing page to be from the "Content Source." The different options are as follows: "Landing Page" with a form-fill data collection section, "Typed" for a text based page sans form-fill, "Link" for an external link, or "Upload" if you wish to host a .pdf file or other document. Hit next.

  3. Select a pre-designed template for your landing page, or choose the blank template to build your own. If you have an HTML-formatted landing page already, or found a great one online, you can import new templates as well. Hit next.

  4. Assign some keywords to increase SEO for your landing page. Proceed to the next screen

  5. (Optional) Add contributors if you want another internal user to work on this page with you. Proceed to the editor on the next screen.

  6. From here if you chose "Typed" or "Landing Page," use the drag-and-droppable pre-coded HTML "snippets" to create and tailor your landing page to your liking. Fonts, images, layouts, and sizing can all be easily edited within our smart editor.

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