Email creation in 366 Degrees is a breeze and will be the driving force in your marketing campaigns.

  1. From the home page, click the button entitled "Create An Email"

  2. Enter a title & description for your Email. Select the data source you want to target leads from.

  3. Select a pre-designed template for your landing page, or choose the blank template to build your own. If you have an HTML-formatted landing page already, or found a great one online, you can import new templates as well. Hit next.

  4. (Optional) Add contributors if you want another internal user to work on this email with you. Proceed to the editor on the next screen.

  5. If you chose a template, you can simply use the smart editor tools on the left side of the page to create the perfect content for your email. You can edit font, sizing, stylistics, and images.

  6. If you want to build an email without a template, simply drag and drop the pre-coded HTML "snippets" on the right side of the editor and fill your own content.

  7. To add a variable to be filled by your lead's info, click the plus sign in the tool section to add a variable. These will automatically be populated out by your CRM or contact records. For example "Hey {Contact_FirstName}" will become "Hey John."

  8. Once your email is to your liking, use the buttons on the bottom to Validate via EmailOnAcid or to send a test copy to your inbox.

  9. Save your work and get ready to schedule!

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