Installing Email on Acid

  1. Click Portal Admin link from the top menu.

  2. Click Manage Apps > Add-On Services tab.

  3. Click the Purchase button for the Email on Acid app.

  4. Select a plan to purchase, either Email On Acid Annual or Email on Acid Monthly.

  5. Click Pay. (The credit card on file with 366 Degrees will be charged) Once you've installed the Email On Acid service, the Check Compatibility button will be enabled on the Content tab of your Email Campaign.

Using Email on Acid

  1. Go to the Content tab of your selected Template or Email Campaign.

  2. Click the Check Compatibility button at the bottom of the page.  A new tab will open with the HTML Validation page.  A warning message(s) may appear.  You have the option to fix these or continuing with the validation.

  3. Click Continue to view your email in various desktop, mobile and webmail clients.

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